(Combination) Whale Express/Molokini Snorkel

All of our snorkeling tours are essentially combination snorkel/ whale watch tours during the "whale season" (December - April) as we almost always encounter one or more pods of humpbacks enroute to our snorkeling destinations. We stop to observe and listen, using sensitive hydrophones and provide information about the whales. The longer tours, such as the 4 or 5.5 hour tours, cover the most water and allow the greatest amount of time for whale watching. The "Whale Express/Molokini Snorkel" is a 2.5 hour tour available Mon./ Wed./Fri. at 11:30 a.m. Demand for "Kanaio Tours" with snorkeling is typically greater and, therefore, the early morning departures are usually for these tours only.

Whale Express/Molokini Snorkel Tour

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Whale Watch from Wailea

Introduced in 2006, our morning whale watches were so successful that we have brought them back again this year. Every year more Humpbacks are visiting our Maui waters and the shows they have put on in south Maui have been fantastic!

Whale Watch Tour

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Ocean rafting on a "state of the art" rigid hulled inflatable, is an experience that should not be missed. Powered by environmentally friendly outboards of the latest design up to a combined 450 HP, these ultra stable craft power impressively through both light chop and blue water as we explore the Kanaio Coast sea caves .  

  The Kanaio Coast was first offered to the Maui visitor by Blue Water Rafting back in 1987.

Lava arches, caves, and pinnacles unique to this area are the result of lava pouring from side vents into the sea a mere 200 years before.

View the crystaline lava formations up close and look for figures that appear to have been carved into the rock at the Psychedelic Hallway


  After viewing some of nature's most exotic lava formations, you captain steps up the pace as you speed on to look for dolphins at your first snorkel site.

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Keone'o'io (La Perouse Bay) snorkel site
(photo copyright: Capt. Ted Grupenhoff)

One of the most cherished and delightful experiences that one can encounter is an interaction with a pod of pacific spinner dolphins. These playful mammals feed in the offshore waters at night and come inshore during the daytime to rest. They often approach us when in La Perouse Bay or in some area near to the Kanaio Coast. When encountered enroute, they can put on an incredible show of acrobatic leaps, flips, and spins, often just off our bow. Surfing our bow wave is one of their favorite pastimes, and on many occasions they have joined us while snorkeling at one of our many snorkeling sites. They are, however, wild dolphins and no guarantees can be made as to their wherabouts or behaviors. Also, as they are a protected species, restrictions do apply.

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